New Patient Registration Form Template

Streamline the process of onboarding new patients with this online form designed to help you stay HIPAA compliant.

Simplify your workflows

Let’s face it: Onboarding new patients is no easy feat. There’s handwriting to decipher, information to enter, and signatures to store. Yet streamlining these procedures is one of the best ways to improve the patient experience and minimize wait times. Now, you can get new patients added to your database faster and more securely than ever. This new patient registration form lets you say “goodbye” to clunky paper-based processes and time-consuming manual data entry. Collect vital patient information quickly, efficiently, and in a HIPAA compliant manner. Don't forget to check out our paperless healthcare kit to accelerate your workflow processes.

Collect critical information

Make it convenient for patients to provide important information fast—whether they’re already on-site or are at home preparing for the first appointment. With options like Social Autofill and field validation, you can easily collect contact information, primary care data, pharmacy details, and more. Start with the included form fields and customize them to meet your needs.

Stay HIPAA compliant

Accept patient data online without worry. With special features designed especially for healthcare providers, you can collect, store, and distribute patient data in a HIPPA compliant manner—and even export it to third parties using HIPAA compliant integrations with this new patient registration form template. To streamline further, use this template along with Formstack’s medical release and medical history forms.

Route to the right personnel

Make sure new patient information is placed in the right hands, at the right time. Advanced Data Routing and Conditional Logic features can be used to ensure new form submissions are sent to specific employees, roles, or departments. Simply decide what you want to have happen after a form is submitted, and data will be automatically routed based on the criteria you set.

Securely accept signatures

Formstack’s new patient registration form eliminates the need to print, scan, or email hand-collected signatures. Collect electronic signatures or use Formstack Sign to collect digital signatures and they’ll be saved as image files in our secure database for future reference. Patients can sign your form from any device, too—smartphones, tablets, and laptops included. It’s the easiest, fastest method available today.

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